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We're all about bringing you beautifully soft organic clothes and accessories, designed and made in England as timeless pieces to be handed down the generations.

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Our Philosophy

Mellie Green was founded by mum of two Jo Lennon in 2014, and is dedicated to providing the best quality products for the most precious little ones in our lives. Working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of organic baby clothes, products, toys and gifts we can bring everything you need for your baby into one place.

Mellie was the name of a very special little man’s cuddly elephant. Mellie signifies everything that we stand for – she was there to soothe, comfort and calm, day and night. Mellie Green looks to bring that same comfort and soothing to your family, with beautiful clothing and bathing products which are delicate on your baby’s skin.

Because organic cotton is farmed free from pesticides or chemical fertilisers it’s gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Because organic farming doesn’t use these chemicals it’s not only good for our skin it’s good for nature and our environment. Keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

Mellie Green’s range of baby clothing, bath products, toys and gifts all use certified organic cotton and ingredients.


  1. Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers, meaning you wont find them in our products.
  2. Organic cotton is residue free so it’s gentle, even on the most sensitive skin and it’s suitable for babies with eczema. There are no toxic dyes or preservatives used in the clothing production process.
  3. Organic farming is gentler on the environment: without harmful chemicals it’s better for our air, our water and our planet. Organic farming also uses less water in the production process
  4. Organic farming is better for workers in the developing world – by avoiding toxic pesticides cotton workers benefit by avoiding the associated health problems and deaths common in non-organic cotton production. Avoiding pesticides also reduces production costs and farmer debts.
You can find out more about organic cotton, its effect on the environment and buying organic products at or on our blog in The Green Room


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