When is a muslin not a muslin? 40 helpful uses for this essential item

Everyone agrees that having a muslin at hand is essential when you have a baby – they have so many uses – from protecting your clothes from baby sick and milk dribbles, to swaddles, and comfort blankets. But the myriad of things you can do with a muslin doesn’t stop there – check out our fun 40 uses for a muslin you’d never thought of from our mums. . . Plus we’re all up for recycling once they’ve finished being dribbled on!

  1. Cover-up for breastfeeding
  2. Dribble catcher when you’re using a sling/ baby carrier
  3. Knotted sunhat
  4. Tissue
  5. Emergency sling for playground injuries
  6. Teether (tie a knot in one end and soak in cold water)
  7. Peek a boo entertainment
  8. Makeshift bib
  9. Changing Mat when you don’t have one to hand
  10. Wind shade or
  11. Sunshade (just make sure air can still flow to stop baby from overheating)
  12. Use on top of a plastic changer mat so it isn’t so cold on baby’s back
  13. Cupboard door locks (tie the handles/ knobs together)
  14. Door jam – stop little fingers shutting their fingers in the door by tying one end around one door handle and around the door to tie the other end to the handle on the other side)
  15. Playmat
  16. Emergency “my child has been sick/pooped on everything else” cot sheet
  17. Carrier bag (tie ends together)
  18. Emergency nappy – yes we wouldn’t recommend it but if in an emergency!
  19. Face cloth when yours has seen better days
  20. Something to put eucalyptus or lavender oil on (you can put it under your baby’s cot sheets to stop them sucking on it)
  21. Sheet protecter to catch spit up and save you constantly changing the sheets
  22. Window cleaner or duster
  23. Crumb catcher to save your car seats
  24. Use over your black trousers when ironing to stop them going shiny
  25. Food strainer for making jellies or
  26. A drainer for making cauliflower pizza! (find out from What Would Sophie Say?)
  27. Trapping in the car window when you haven’t got a sun blind
  28. Super hero cape or
  29. Dressing-up wedding veil
  30. Emergency breastpad(s)
  31. Messy under high-chair mat
  32. Bag for toys
  33. Emergency plaster/ bandage
  34. Sarong for the beach (or that emergency “I’ve split my trousers” moment!)
  35. Through a sewing machine when you don’t need them anymore and make drawstring bags
  36. Dog lead (when you’ve left it at home!)
  37. Hair band when you just can’t find one of the 100 you know are somewhere in the house
  38. Shepherd’s nativity costume – the bit that goes on their heads . . .
  39. Spare cloth for a steam mop (once your finished with it of course!)
  40. Picnic blanket

Thanks to our fabulous mummy panel for these top tips – you certainly know how to make the most of an essential baby item!

Of course we can’t finish without mentioning that our range of organic muslins are available on the website!