Top 10 Games for Baby Showers

Top 10 Games for Baby Showers

Planning a baby shower can be stressful, you want to get everything just right for the special mum to be. Here are our top 10 Baby Shower games which are guaranteed to break the ice and get the party started!


1. Baby Break Out! 

Grab an ice cube tray and some little plastic babies (you can buy them from amazon)  Freeze the babies into ice cubes in advance and give one to each team. The first team to ‘deliver’ their baby is the winner! 

2. Guess the Bump

Give each guest a ball of string and get them the guess how big mummy’s baby bump is. Each person must cut the string to go perfectly around mummy’s tummy. At the end of the game try them all out on Mummy - closest wins. 

3. Baby Picture Gallery

Ask each guest in advance to send you a picture of themselves as a baby (the more comical the better). Assemble a rogues gallery and get everyone to write down on a piece of paper their guesses of which guest is which baby. For a wildcard through in a picture of Daddy as a baby too! 

4. Guess the Celebrity Baby

Much the same as our rogues gallery above, give your guests pictures of celebrities and pictures of them as babies and get them to match them up. 

5. Baby Jar Taste Test

Can you tell what it is? Remove the labels from several baby food jars and get teams to guess what is in them - most correct answers win. 

6. Pram Piñata

A great exercise to get your guests moving around - there are some fantastic baby themed piñata’s around. Fill full of treats and get your blindfolded guests in the competitive spirit! 

7. Pin the Dummy on the Baby

With a large picture of a baby, dummies with blue tack on the back and blindfolded guests what could go wrong? Can anyone pin the dummy in the right place? 

8. Don’t Say Baby! 

A great one to get people started as they arrive Give each guest a badge/pin or ribbon as they arrive and ban the word ‘baby’ if a guest catches another guest saying ‘baby’ they take their ribbon the guest with the most ribbons when it’s time to open the presents is the winner. 

9. What’s in the Nappy Bag?

Put as many baby items as you can find in a bag (preferably with the tight neck to stop cheating) each guest takes a turn to put their hand in the bag and write down as many items as they can identify. The more obscure the ‘baby items’ the better! 

10. Toilet Paper Nappy Challenge

With your guests in teams who can design the most creative nappy out of toilet paper? Use one team member as the ‘baby’ and let the fun begin! Mummy chooses her favourite nappy as the winner. 


We hope you have an amazing time planning your very special baby shower. Have you got any other great Baby’s Shower games you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments and help up make this list even longer! 

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