Our Top Latin Inspired Baby Names

Our Top Latin Inspired Baby Names

With every new Royal Baby there is always a frenzy of discussion around the choice of name, and welcoming to the world Princess Eugenie's little one is no different. 

The name "August" has certainly drawn attention with many people asking if the Royal baby has been named after a month he wasn't born in. With many months, days and even planets the name existed long before we started using them as the name of months or days of the week. 

The month of August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus, and with many Latin names it has a strong meaning behind it. Augustus in Latin means Magnificent which we think makes it a rather amazing name for a baby! 

So if you're now inspired by a love for Latin names and you're looking for a nice strong name for your little one then look no further - here are our top names for girls and for boys, as well as some neutral baby names options too. 


Latin Girl's Names we Love: 

1. Ardelle - meaning warm

2. Felice - meaning fortunate, happy 

3. Oriana - meaning golden

4. Livia - meaning envious

5. Celeste - meaning Heavenly 

6. Verity - meaning truth

7. Luma - meaning light

8. Estelle - meaning star 

9. Flora - meaning flowering 

10. Elysia - meaning Heaven 


Latin Boy's Names we Love: 

1. August - meaning magnificent 

2. Benedict - meaning blessed

3. Myles - meaning soldier

4. Rex - meaning King

5. Xavier - meaning the new house 

6. Max - meaning greatest

7. Felix - meaning happy and prosperous 

8. Emlen - meaning charming 

9. Aurelian - meaning golden 

10. Dante - meaning Everlasting 


Latin Gender Neutral Names we Love: 

1. Albany - meaning magnificent 

2. Alva - meaning blessed

3. Diara - meaning gift

4. Juno - The goddess of love

5. Orien - meaning the orient, east



Are there any you think we should add to our list? We haven't included some of the more well known Latin names like Emma, Anthony and Amy so we can introduce some that we think should get a little more air time! 

Did you chose a Latin name for your little one? 


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