• Happy Hands Organic Handwash

Happy Hands Organic Handwash


Pitta Patta’s Happy Hands Liquid Soap – A gentle SLS and paraben free wash wash mucky little hands after play, this product works a little bit harder than our Shampoo & Bodywash to remove the inevitable dirt and germs that children get on their hands.

Size: 200ml

This is a great bottle to have in the bathroom to encourage children to wash their hands after they have been playing with craft or outside in the mud or if they have been to the loo. The easy to use flip cap encourages children to wash their own hands and they love the orange Elly on the front of the bottle.
Happy Hands is enriched with Bergamot and Lavender essential oils and gem essences that work their magic to shield children from the day to day bits of life that sometimes take a bit of getting used to.

  • Gentle to use on young skin.
  • A deep cleaning wash that contains no nasties.
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.

Massage a small amount into hands and rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water. Afterwards moisturise the hands with our Cheeky Baby Barrier Cream.

SLS and Paragons free, 79% organic Not tested on animals, ethically produced, 100% Recyclable Packaging