Calm and Content Organic Moisturiser

Calm and Content Organic Moisturiser

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Pitta Patta Calm and Content Organic Moisturising Lotion has a combination of certified organic roman chamomile, lavender essential oils and gem essences help to calm and balance babies and children emotionally as well as physically.
Size: 200ml
The Calm & Content line is a specific blend of ingredients that soothe and balance little ones who are hectic and restless. A wonderful blend to support children, who are feeling impatient, irritable or frustrated. Chamomile has the ability to settle and soothe digestion, this is great for children with colic or other digestive problems.

  • Helps with Cradle Cap
  • Helps with some types of Eczema
  • Helps soothe and calm unsettled babies and children

Contains Shea Nut Butter which is good for all skin types, soothes skin reducing irritation, and provides long lasting protection.

Apply to the skin and gently massage in.  Calming and soothing for the face, cradle cap, dry skin and nappy area.

SLS and Paragons free, 89% Organic Not tested on animals, ethically produced, 100% Recyclable Packaging